365th fighter group history
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365th fighter group

Ninth Air Force P-47 units have long deserved recognition for their significant contribution to victory in WWII. Their war was close to the ground, dive-bombing and strafing in support of the US Army on D-Day in Normandy, and through France, Belgium and Germany. “Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks” offers a personal view of one of the most decorated and effective P-47 units in the Ninth Air Force. This rich, visual account of the 365th Fighter-Bomber Group, the “Hell Hawks”, is presented in 320 pages with over 500 photos, most published for the first time. The book also features 98 thoroughly researched and detailed color profiles of their Thunderbolts, illustrated by Don Barnes. All but three of the aircraft profiled have languished in obscurity for the past 65 years, brought to light for the first time here.

Published with full cooperation of the 365th FG Association, and with the kind help of the men and families who shared memories and personal photos, this book is a testament to their strength, courage and sacrifice helping bring an end to the war in Europe.

365th fighter group

Hell Hawks