365th fighter group history


Book Reviews
f“Every now and then a book appears that is obviously the result of someone’s obsession and they and their supporters have poured their heart and soul into producing it. Combine that with an underpublished yet charismatic subject—a 9th Air Force fighter group—and an incredible collection of photographs, and you are looking at a winner, a ‘must have’ book. I rarely buy books unseen but I gambled on this one—and won!”
—Chris Thomas
Author of 2nd Tactical Air Force series

“Wow!!! What a book ! I expected to see mostly photos of planes and pilots but didn’t put it down until I had completely thumbed through the whole book. I read mostly the highlights so I could get to the next page. You guys have done a masterful job with the info supplied and I thank you for the time, energy and dedication to get this book to completion.”
—Jay Harrington
Hell Hawks, 388th Squadron

“The book arrived yesterday, and what a book it is. FANTASTIC is a gross understatement, but my vocabulary is limited. I’m truly Honored to see ELSIE at the beginning of the book. THANK YOU.”
—Dave Harmon
Hell Hawks, 365th Group Command

“Some books on the Second World War are great references and others tell a great story but Thunderbolts Of The Hell Hawks manages to do both in a format that is both informative and enjoyable. The research that went into the book is most impressive and the authors managed to collect a huge amount of previously unpublished wartime photos that give the reader a close connection to both the aircraft and the brave pilots who flew them into harms way. I particularly enjoyed the section that combines aircraft profiles with a picture of the pilot who flew it and a short story from each man’s wartime experience. These stories are sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, but always interesting. This is a formula that’s new to this reader and I enjoyed it very much. Printed on high quality paper and with great print quality this book will be a treasured part of my library. The icing on the cake for me was the special edition I was lucky enough to grab with 3 pilot signatures in addition to the author’s.

I only wish the authors had time to do many more of these books on other groups of World War Two fighter groups. It’s a story that can’t be told by those who were there for very much longer. Many thanks to Don, John and Roy for taking the time and making the effort to bring us this gem, it was well worth the price tag!”
—Joe Youngerman
Airline Pilot

“ I consider the book an indispensable source for 365th FG Thunderbolt documentation.”
—Gerry Asher
WWII Historian

“There can be no doubting the importance of the U.S. Ninth Air Force in the liberation of Europe and specifically the crippling of German transport and military infastructure in Northern Europe, but its essential role has been traditionally under-represented in print and other media.

62 pages near the back of the book are dedicated to colour profiles by Don Barnes. These are large, attractive and detailed. 98 profiles are included, some with scrap views of nose art or starboard side profiles where the details differed. Each profile is accompanied by a description of the aircraft, with some including a more detailed account of operations. The profile section would be worthy of a standalone book by itself.

Book reviews here on HyperScale will often categorise a title as either best suited to the armchair historian or as a good reference for modellers. Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks” has managed the tricky balancing act of catering to both groups without compromise.

If you have the slightest interest in the Thunderbolt as a modelling subject, or the operational history of the P-47D Thunderbolt, this book is for you”.
—Brett Green

“I got the copy of the book yesterday, haven’t hardly put it down! It is really great: the way it is put together is inticing; can’t just read
a page and put it down. And all the photos! My Gosh they’re great!”
—Ralph Kling
Hell Hawks, 388th Squadron